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Want to hear Karen speak in your town? Great! In fact, you can help make it happen. Let’s start by getting one of Karen’s books and a Speaking Information Packet to whoever is in charge of planning events for your church, company, or community. (Who knows? Maybe it’s you!)

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An Update on My Dad (OR “Girls, Your Father is as High as a Kite”)

It was hard to decide on a title for this post. The choices are just too rich.

But before I tell you about the marijuana, I have a question:

Who are we, really?

I’m not asking what we’re like when we’re feeling composed and in charge and we can pretty much act any way we choose. I’m talking about the very core of us, the part that shows up …

…When we’re tired or grumpy.

…When we’re running late and we’ve been stuck in traffic for 45 minutes.

…When we’re already feeling frazzled and someone decides to get on our last nerve.

…When we’re utterly overwhelmed.

…When we’re in chaos or trouble.

…And maybe even when we’re really loopy because we recently had surgery and stopped eating, so doctors gave us pills to make us hungry and those pills happened to be munchie-inducing synthetic marijuana, and we accidentally got really high.

Who are we then?

You can probably guess why I’m asking. Yes, the marijuana thing just happened to my dad. Continue reading “An Update on My Dad (OR “Girls, Your Father is as High as a Kite”)”

What I Discovered About LearningRx and the Hurting Mom-Heart

There’s something about raising children (especially teenagers!) that can put a mom-heart through the ringer.

I’ve rarely longed for anything as much as I’ve longed for my daughters to thrive in every area of life. In their relationships. In their emotions. In their bodies. In their careers and passions. In their thoughts and beliefs.

So when you’ve got a kid who feels unmotivated, frustrated, and stuck, you both feel that pain.

That’s where I found myself six years ago. My daughter Kacie, then 16, was struggling in every area. Previously a good student, Kacie had decided that classes, reading, learning, and especially college were simply beyond her.  She told me she couldn’t remember anything she learned in class anyway, so why even try? She added that she hated school, hated reading, and thought learning was a waste of time.

Her plan was to drop out of school and continue partying with friends who, like her, had given up on their hopes and dreams. Continue reading “What I Discovered About LearningRx and the Hurting Mom-Heart”

How Precious Are You, Really?

My dad had emergency surgery 40 days ago. He is still really sick. Sometimes the doctors tell us he is dying, sometimes they tell us he will pull through. My sisters are really great at doing medical research on the internet and telling the hospital staff how they should be doing their jobs. Actually, sometimes my sisters come up with pretty impressive stuff, like music that stimulates the brain, aromatherapy, a Continue reading “How Precious Are You, Really?”

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