Good news all around: Bradley bought the farm. And I’m not going to.

So I get this phone call today. Good news: Weird-skin-thing beneath my left eye is not melanoma, but garden-variety basal cell skin cancer. Bad news: Doc says removing it all might prove interesting, being so close to the tear duct and all. My friend Bradley cuts to the chase: “What’s your worst fear?”

My first thought is, Gee, couldn’t you have come with something a little more positive?   But I don’t say that. I answer the question. “Disfigurement,” I say.

He continues playing Farmville on Facebook.  A few minutes later, without even looking up from his game, he says, “Whew. Disfigurement, that’s a tough one.”  And suddenly we’re both laughing.

And I realize something.  Bradley’s question was the right one. Because now there’s nothing lurking unsaid in the shadows. My worst fear is on the table for both of us to see. And look–we’re still laughing. In fact, Bradley just harvested a pumpkin and bought a cow. And oddly enough, I feel better already.

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