Unexpected leg of the journey

Whew! What a trip! This afternoon I flew back into town after speaking twice to 500 wonderful women in Mountain Home, Arkansas, then drove to Zios Italian Restaurant to meet family and friends for my dad’s 77th birthday. Walking back through the rainy parking lot after dinner, I found the window on my Explorer smashed and my laptop stolen.

Driving home from the restaurant, my daughter Kacie and I prayed about it and, a few minutes later in our kitchen, we prayed again with nephews Isaac and Hunter and friend Bradley. Our prayer began with us asking God why He would allow something like this happen, and telling Him how upset we were.

Somewhere in the middle of our prayer we acknowledged that the computer wasn’t ours anyway, but belonged to God. We also admitted that God wasn’t responsible for this mess, and that if anyone could bring something good out of it, He could.

By the time we said “Amen” we were actually excited the thief was sitting there in possession of God’s computer! We began praying that the Holy Spirit would be all over it and him, and that he would feel such conviction—not about the theft—but about that empty place inside that drives him nuts that only God can fill! We even prayed that he/she would watch the DVD that was in my computer bag containing video of the two speeches I gave in Arkansas, speeches in which I start out with a comedy routine and end up telling my audience about the difference God can make in their lives, especially when life feels crazy or hard.

I don’t know how God will use today’s little incident in the life of the guy who’s now in charge of the laptop I was blessed to use for several years. But I know how God has used this experience so far in my life. I—and my daughters, nephews and friend Bradley, too—got the rich experience of going from feeling victimized to victorious, all in the space of a prayer, maybe two. And it’s dawning on me that’s a trip worth making any day.

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