You can thank Ron for the coffee

Making friends with your body and your emotions about your body“Every January, Sports Illustrated releases its swimsuit issue, completely ignoring the fact that ‘swimsuit’ is not a recognized sport in any nation on earth. It’s impossible to win an Olympic medal in ‘swimsuit.'”

I wish I’d written these words, but they are the brainchildren of Ron Lee, my editor at Waterbrook. Ron suggested adding these words to a chapter in my upcoming Spring release, A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind, and I love it! In fact, I lol-ed. Which is a nice thing to get to do when you’re up at one in the morning, pumped up on coffee and racing to finish final revisions to your manuscript.

In caffeine-driven moments such as this, laughter is welcome. So are crazy ideas. So here’s the deal: Make a mental note. Remember Ron’s words. As soon as my book releases in March, I’m going to post a contest. I’m going to announce that the first person to email me with the page number where “Ron’s paragraph” appears will get a $25 Starbuck’s gift card from me.

But here’s the small print: I’m not going to remind anyone what “Ron’s paragraph” says. So you’re going to have to remember on your own. So write it down: According to Ron, “swimsuit” is not a recognized sport in any nation on earth. And while you can’t win an Olympic medal in “swimsuit,” you just might win a little coffee. And if you happen to be a midnight-caffeine-jocky like me, that might be as good as gold.

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