Looking for change and settling for milkweed and MacDonalds?

Do you ever feel like a caterpillar?

Caterpillars eat pretty much nonstop. The caterpillar of the polyphemus moth is the hungriest, eating up to 86,000 times its own weight. This can be compared to a baby eating 273 tons of food. Or a grown woman pigging out on—don’t roll your eyes, I did the math—60 million, 200 thousand Quarter Pounders.

I’ve yet to stumble across research linking the voracious appetite of the polyphemus caterpillar to emotional eating, but what else could it be? I mean, there she is, stuck in a rut, inching along when what she’d really love to do is shed her baggage and learn to fly. Is it any wonder she drowns her sorrows in Norway Maple leaves and milkweed?

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