So you made a bad choice. Don’t make another.

Something painful just happened.

Maybe you lost your waistline or your temper or your biggest client. You failed someone you love. A friend said something mean. You picked up a bad habit. You picked a fight. You picked door number three when all the really great prizes were behind door number one.

Is there anything good you can glean from the experience?

Did you learn something? Grow in some way? Did you handle something in a way you can be proud of later? Did you model something healthy for your kids? Did you keep your wits about you? Handle something with integrity? If not, did you handle your mistake well, eventually seeking accountability or forgiveness or resolution?

We all mess up. And when we do, we have a choice. We can remember the mistake, failure or wound. Or we can remember the growth that occured as a result. The first option hurts. The second heals. The choice is ours.

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