Can one word cure grumpiness and stress? Try it and find out.

I woke up this morning, thought about the day ahead of me, and groaned. Couldn’t I just stay in bed instead?

Not that there was anything particularly horrible on my plate today. Just a mish-mash of administrative tasks, loose ends and errands. I found myself thinking stuff like this: “Let’s see…I have to make that deposit. Oh, and I have to finish that report and get it to my clients. I have to put that roast in oven AND I have to take my kids to buy shoes for school!”

I felt stressed! I was exhausted before my day even got started.

Then something occured to me. I decided to make one small change. Suddenly my entire world seemed brighter.

The change I made was very simple. In fact, it involved just one word. In my self-talk, I replaced the word “have” with the word “get.” Suddenly I had a whole new perspective on my day as I began thinking things like this:

“Let’s see…I get to make that deposit!”

“Oh, and I get to finish that report and get it to my clients.” (Thank God I have clients!)

“I get to put a roast in the oven AND I get to take my kids to buy shoes for school!”

Wow! Suddenly these tasks seemed more akin to opportunities than obligations. I went from feeling stressed… to feeling blessed!

Try it some day. In fact, why not try it today?

Sometimes a small change can make all the difference in your world.

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