Endings: The birth pangs of brand new things?

Undoubtedly you’ve had times in your life when something has crashed and burned. Maybe it was a dream you were pursuing. Or a relationship you valued. Or maybe even your own hope, happiness and joy as you experienced a season of burnout or even depression.

Think back on those times. Revisit those ashes. Kick around in the rubble a little. What gems are hiding there? Is there a tenacious flower that has taken root despite and loss? Is it growing stubbornly up through the debris, waiting to be transplanted to more fertile ground? Sometimes the ashes and rubble of our worst experiences yield unexpected treasure.

Take a few minutes to make a list of some of the darkest experiences in your life. Now write down any longings, new visions, goals, convictions or desires that came from those experiences. Some dreams need to die, to be sure. Some deserve to be resurrected. Others, in their death, give birth to new and different longing. The truth is that endings and beginnings are one and the same.

I know you’ve experienced endings in your life. The question remains: What new beginnings are waiting to be pursued?

–From the book Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight by Karen Linamen

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  1. Love the book! Where do I find a photo of your daughter’s re-done bedroom (the cave -etc-)? You said it was on the website but I can’t locate it and would love to see it!

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