26 things Chocolate and Love have in common

1. Every body needs chocolate.

2. Chocolate can be bitter, although most of the time it’s sweet.

3. Chocolate is best when shared with a friend.

4. The benefits of chocolate far outweigh the sacrifices.

5. Chocolate means never having to say you’re sorry.

6. Enjoy your chocolate, but if you don’t take a few precautions you may find yourself getting a little thick around the middle.

7. Chocolate changes your body chemistry for the better.

8. Very few people in this world will turn down the gift of chocolate.

9. Chocolate can get very very messy.

10. Even when it’s messy, chocolate is still very very good.

11. Chocolate is habit forming.

12. Sometimes bitter things, covered in chocolate, can be swallowed.

13. Chocolate never goes out of fashion.

14. Chocolate can make things stick together.

15. Chocolate should be savored.

16. Chocolate makes the world go ’round.

17. Chocolate is a great remedy for the blues.

18. Chocolate may change shape under heat and pressure, but it’s still chocolate.

19. Chocolate can make you live longer.

20. Chocolate rocks.

21. There is no substitute for good chocolate.

22. Chocolate is energizing.

23. Chocolate can be really hot.

24. Sometimes chocolate is good therapy.

25. Never take chocolate for granted.

26. You’re never too old to be a connoisseur of fine chocolate.

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