How Grumpy is TOO Grumpy?

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make me grumpy, like setting a dish towel on fire, running over my cell phone with my car or dropping my keys in the toilet.

It’s the fact that my hair keeps leaving my head and showing up on my chin.

But sometimes the pain is deeper. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the chaos, brokenness and scars in my life. And when I do, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that if these things are overwhelming to me, they must be overwhelming to God.

But let’s think about that a moment.

Is God stymied by chaos? I don’t think so. I mean, we’re talking about Someone who uses chaos like modeling clay,  who took the chaos of a formless void and crafted the heavens and earth, darkness and light, land and sea, stars and moon, fish and birds and even man and woman.

Is God bewildered at the brokenness in our lives? Hardly. Not when he specializes in using broken things. After all, he took the broken body of his Son, Jesus, and with it purchased hope and healing and salvation for generations of folks, you and me included.

Finally, is God embarrassed by the scars in our lives? Does he avert his eyes? Does he love us less because our psyches bear the disfiguring marks of the mistakes of others and our own mistakes as well? Not on your life. Not when his own Son has scars on his hands and feet, face and body. Not when Jesus was wounded for our mistakes and bruised for our rebellion. Not when it is by his very scars that we are healed.

–Adapted from Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy…And Sometimes I Let Him Sleep by Karen Scalf Linamen

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  1. Thanks, Karen, for this reminder of how powerful and gracious our God is . . . how he can mold our chaos into something he pronounces as “good,” how he can transform our scars into beauty marks, and how he can take our brokenness and use it in unexpected and sacred ways.

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