Craving Connection

What comes to mind when you think the holidays?  Food, for starters. We put away generous servings of everything from sweet potatoes to snowman-shaped cookies with globs of frosting. But oftentimes the family part is the hardest. You may fortunate enough to have a Norman Rockwell family complete with scores of smiling relatives at your table and a turkey that looks like Martha Stewart came over and made it herself. Or you may not.

Family is what you make it. Whether or not the people who gather at your table are related by blood or marriage, we all have a need for connection and community—not just on turkey day, but on the other 364 days of the year as well.

So how can you feel more connected to people and create some ties that bind (in a good way)?

Making new friends is a tried and true way to beef up the sense of community in your life. There’s also the chance that you’ll really hit it off with someone or even a small group of folks. That’s when the power of community really kicks in—when the people in your world become more than movie pals, pew partners, and work buddies and start becoming best friends, mentors, soul mates, and even lifelines.

Finding ways to connect more authentically with the people we already know and like is another way to quench our craving for community. What if you and I identified a handful of people currently in our lives and decided to:

  • Discover something new about them on a weekly basis?
  • Looked for endearing oddities?
  • Inquired about their childhood?
  • Sought to understand their point of view?
  • Mined their wisdom?
  • Forgave their flaws?
  • Cherished their quirks?
  • Asked them to tell use three things about themselves we didn’t already know?

That could be a radical idea for some of us. But when you keep your world brimming with authentic connections and community, you may just discover a life with generous servings of love, adventure, comfort and joy.

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