Searching for the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season?

Christmas shopping can be stressful because it requires finding The Perfect Gift for roughly four dozen family members, intimate friends, business associates, acquaintances and near strangers, not to mention the couple who sends you a fruitcake every year despite the fact that you have no earthly idea where you met them or who they are.

Sometimes I long for a good old-fashioned Walton Christmas. You know, the kind where you give someone an apple or a wooden whistle and they go into cardiac arrest from sheer ecstasy.

Years ago a family member bought me a nightgown. So far so good, right?

It was from The Disney Store and it featured a life-sized illustration of Rafiki—the wise, old baboon guru from the Disney movie, The Lion King.

But perhaps the most intriguing part of the gift was the matching pair of socks that looked like baboon feet.

I tried to appear grateful but the well-intended giver figured out right away that I wasn’t too crazy about the gift. Maybe the giveaway clue was when I opened the box and blurted, “Ahh…I hope you kept the receipt.”

Okay, so maybe I’m an ingrate. Apparently I not only keep my eyes peeled for The Perfect Gift when I’m shopping for my friends and family, but I also look for it when unwrapping presents addressed to me.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

The Bible tells me that “every good and perfect gift comes from above.” Oh, sure, I’ll be the first to admit that the Lord has sent a few things into my life that I’d love to return. There are times I take an initial look and exclaim, “Ahh, God, I hope you kept the receipt…”

But hindsight usually shows me that what he gave was exactly what I needed after all. There are even a few gifts that I suspect will require the kind of hindsight I can only get in heaven. Who knows? Those might turn out to be the most perfect gifts of all.

I’m learning to trust the Giver, even when I don’t always understand the gifts.

Most of the time, however, the gifts he gives exceed my wildest hopes and dreams. The fact is, God’s gifts—unlike the purchases of harried Christmas shoppers—are never the wrong size, color or pattern.

It’ll be interesting to see what gifts he has in store for me this coming year. Although I don’t mind admitting that, if I have my druthers, baboon socks won’t be anywhere on the list.

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