How Precious Are You, Really?

My dad had emergency surgery 40 days ago. He is still really sick. Sometimes the doctors tell us he is dying, sometimes they tell us he will pull through. My sisters are really great at doing medical research on the internet and telling the hospital staff how they should be doing their jobs. Actually, sometimes my sisters come up with pretty impressive stuff, like music that stimulates the brain, aromatherapy, a Continue reading “How Precious Are You, Really?”

Laugh hard. You’ll feel better AND have less wrinkles.

We know that a good belly laugh has the power to make us feel better. But do we know why we feel so much better after we hoot and guffaw?

Laughing makes us healthier in body, mind, and spirit. In fact, it’s kind of like jogging for our insides.

Laughing burns calories, releases endorphins and alters our brain wave patterns. It reduces stress, lifts our spirits and boosts our immune systems! It even prevents certain facial wrinkles. Best of all, it has no calories and can’t make us pregnant, so there’s no reason laughter shouldn’t be a first-line defense against the stresses of each day.

And by the way, you get all these benefits from the act of laughing. It doesn’t matter if you’re laughing because you think something’s funny or because, well… you’re forcing yourself to laugh.

No, really.  Just start laughing. For no reason. And don’t stop. Keep it up for one minute. By the end of that minute, you’ll be laughing for real. As in totally cracking yourself up and loving every minute of it! Try it. You’re gonna thank me.

Unless, of course, you try this in public. Then you’ll be writing me a letter from a padded cell. But even if you end up having to talk yourself out of a psych ward, at least you can do it knowing you have a healthier immune system and less facial wrinkles. And if that doesn’ t put a grin on your face, nothing will.

Just say no to fake food

A friend once said, “I’ve been eating as hard as I can all day but I can’t catch up.” Don’t you hate days like that? Plus, if you’re like me, you probably crave faux food, stuff that doesn’t exist in nature, like fried chicken fingers & curly fries topped with cheese spread. Not actual cheese, but cheese SPREAD.  I’m thinking if 90% of my diet comes from a factory and not a field or farm, it’s probably not a good thing…

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