How Precious Are You, Really?

My dad had emergency surgery 40 days ago. He is still really sick. Sometimes the doctors tell us he is dying, sometimes they tell us he will pull through. My sisters are really great at doing medical research on the internet and telling the hospital staff how they should be doing their jobs. Actually, sometimes my sisters come up with pretty impressive stuff, like music that stimulates the brain, aromatherapy, a Continue reading “How Precious Are You, Really?”

Karen Bouchard Events

Want to hear Karen speak in your town? Great! In fact, you can help make it happen. Let’s start by getting one of Karen’s books and a Speaking Information Packet to whoever is in charge of planning events for your church, company, or community. (Who knows? Maybe it’s you!)

Continue reading to complete a simple form and get an Information Packet into the hands of the right folks!

Continue reading “Karen Bouchard Events”

Craving Connection

What comes to mind when you think the holidays?  Food, for starters. We put away generous servings of everything from sweet potatoes to snowman-shaped cookies with globs of frosting. But oftentimes the family part is the hardest. You may fortunate enough to have a Norman Rockwell family complete with scores of smiling relatives at your table and Continue reading “Craving Connection”

You Can’t Snuggle with a 4000-Pound Gorilla

I hate to break the news to you, but grudges make really lousy pets.

For starters, they grow WAY too fast. Give them a little TLC and they quickly become too big to keep comfortably in the average-sized suburban home. When furious family members start glaring at each other and snarling, “This house isn’t big enough for the both of us!” what they’re really saying is “the three of us.” The real problem is the Continue reading “You Can’t Snuggle with a 4000-Pound Gorilla”

Who says achieving goals has to be hard work?

I can honestly say I have GREAT habits that are empowering me to succeed at all my goals. This happened the moment I decided I actually WANT to be overdrawn, overweight, and overwhelmed by household clutter.

Hey, don’t laugh. Why CAN’T these be my goals? After all, when we’re not willing to change our habits to match our goals, why not pick goals that match our habits? Voila! Instant Success? Hmmmm. So why am I not celebrating?

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