Wisdom, Love, & Quirkiness Personified: Ronald Gene Scalf Eulogy

A couple of years ago my dad decided to start writing his memoirs. And this is how he began…

“On September 20, 1932, I was born in the back bedroom of my grandparents’ house just outside the little town of Corbin, Kentucky.


“My dad was making about $16 a week hauling coal and hay. New houses cost about $6500, and bread was 7 cents a loaf.

“I can’t tell you too much about the first 3 years of my life except for one story that was told to me. When my grandfather, the Reverend John Thomas Lanham, would come home from his day job as a switchman on the L&N Railroad, he would get on the floor and let me ride on his back like a pony. Continue reading “Wisdom, Love, & Quirkiness Personified: Ronald Gene Scalf Eulogy”

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